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AKLUB Centre of education and counseling

AKLUB Centre of education and counseling - is educational a non for profit organization. Organization AKLUB was established in 1997 in the Czech Republic, in town Krnov. Organization is respected a highly appreciated in the Czech Republic for educational services and for developing educational programs and products. Educational services are providing to two different target groups:

1. Professionals and experts (teachers, counselors, social a job advisers, psychologists, seminar leaders).
We provide them the training courses, educational programs, thematic workshops that help them to acquire qualification, competencies and special practical skills. Annually we have about 150 learners and trainees from this group.

2. Disadvantaged people (for example unemployed people, disabled people, people at risk of social exclusion).
We provide them educational courses, integration programs and counseling to help them find a job or solve various life situations. Annually we have about 230 learners and trainees from this group.

International meeting in our organisation   International workshop of counselors

Organization AKLUB is also regularly participating in national and international projects focused on lifelong learning, educational methods, e-learning, distance education, special methods for counseling, integration programs, etc.

Possibilities of cooperation

We are interested in:
Joining partnerships with other organizations in the European Union.
Submitting common projects and searching funds for their implementation.
Exchanging knowledge and experiences.


If you are interested in starting a cooperation, contact us.

Charovska 54
794 01 Krnov
Czech Republic

Contact person:
Ludek Richter
Phone: +420 604 267 486